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Get Real Results

You love weights but hate cardio? HIIT is your best friend? You’ve never set foot in a gym before? You lift competitively? The list goes on… Wherever you are in your fitness journey, Snap Fitness has something to offer you!

  • 24-7 Access: Train day or night!
  • Free weights, cardio, and functional training zones
  • MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring: Maximise your results by understanding your personal workout capacity and pushing yourself
  • 6 Week Challenges & Personal Training: To keep you motivated and accountable (Available at select locations)
  • Flexible Memberships: Because life happens, and you want flexibility if circumstances change

Work out in Safety


At Snap Fitness, your health and safety is our number one priority. Recently we have made some changes to ensure we deliver you the cleanest safest environment to workout in.


  • Continued focus around a high level of cleaning standards
  • Ongoing Health and Safety focus with our teams
  • No Towel – no workout
  • If you’re unwell please stay home
  • Swipe on entry to ensure we know who is in club at any time
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